Wednesday, 10 March 2010

the start

the first time we met was for a meeting regarding the synapse festival.  
it was here that the opportunity to propose a research and development residency was suggested...

with a deadline for the proposal for 10am the next day.

today our proposal got accepted  :)

During this residency Anna Mawby and Chie Hosaka will work
together for the first time. United by a shared interest in human
vulnerabilities, passing moments and the ephemeral nature of our
existence, they will each bring their own artistic style coincided
with an openness to respond to the environment in which they are

Anna Mawby graduated from the University of Derby with a BA in
Fine Art in 2007, she continues to research, develop and create
new pieces of art full time from her studio in Wirksworth. Anna’s
individual practice has included exhibitions, residencies and
collaborations across the UK and abroad.

Chie Hosaka graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BA
in Fine Art in 2007, and since then has continued to live and work
in Nottingham. Alongside her artistic practice, Hosaka also works
as an illustrator and collaborates with independent businesses and
artists for their marketing materials. She works in a range of
media, from drawing, to installation and sculpture.

Using the empty shop as an artists’ studio Anna Mawby and Chie
Hosaka will respond and react to the space. Limited to a stack of
paper and cardboard as their only material the artists will begin
to create intimate and thought provoking work shaped by
interactions with the public.

As the residency progresses the public will be able to witness the
transformation of the space, observing the daily shift as the
stack of paper depletes and the work begins to emerge.
The collaboration will naturally reflect the space that the
artists are working in, where visitors are free to walk in,
communicate with the artists and explore the artworks. It will
be an on-going project for the duration of the residency open to
the public to view and interact from the beginning to end. Site
specific and installation based work will be produced to explore
both artists' interests in the fragility of human emotions,
melancholic moments less acknowledged in everyday life and the
surreal nature of reality.

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