Sunday, 28 March 2010

our residency

the quality of being nothing - a three week residency exploring the point at which something comes into being. 

during this residency artists anna mawby and chie hosaka will work together for the first time.  united by a shared interest in human vulnerabilities, passing moments and the ephemeral nature of our existence, they will each bring their own artistic style alongside an openness to respond to the environment in which they are residing.  using an empty shop in derby as an artists’ studio, mawby and hosaka will react to the space.  limited to a stack of paper as their only materials, the artists will begin to create intimate and thought provoking work shaped by interactions with the public.  as the residency progresses the public will be able to witness the transformation of the space, observing the daily shift as the stack of paper depletes and the work begins to emerge. 

This project is part of Synapse Festival and supported by Derby City Council, Art and Empty Shops Scheme.

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